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Fragout Podcast

Jan 28, 2024

Great podcast with Shad Loch founder of Take'Em Outdoors. Shad Founded the org about 18 years ago and has taken many veterans and terminally ill children on hunts all around the state of Wisconsin and the country. We had a great time talking about the impact he has made on the many veterans and children he’s met along...

Jan 7, 2024

Very fun podcast with Air Force Veteran Jeff Bowers. Jeff served for 8 years, 1 deployment to Iraq in 2005/2006 at Camp Bucca. We spoke about this humble beginnings and post military life. We both shared a lot of personal feelings, thoughts, and emotions on this episode. We also had some cocktails while recording. We...

Jan 1, 2024

Jesse Frewerd served in the Army, and he’s an OG Iraq war veteran he served in Iraq in 2003. Jesse is a singer/songwriter. He shared the highs and lows about his service, transition, and his new life purpose of singing and writing songs. This was a very fun podcast. He even sang on the podcast, it was awesome!