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Fragout Podcast

Jul 26, 2021

Retired Captain Jason Church- Army/ Afghanistan Veteran was on the podcast today. Jason shared his humble beginnings from his time at UW- La Crosse and ROTC. His time at Wisconsin Dept of Veterans Affairs. We talked about his time at Ranger School. He shared his deployment to Afghanistan and loosing both of his legs to...

Jul 18, 2021

Wisconsin DAV State Commander/ Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran Matt Kempainen was on the podcast. Matt shared his story about his service, personal struggles, the veteran community, and the awesome work the DAV does around Wisconsin and the nation. Matt is a phenomenal veteran advocate and community member.

Jul 12, 2021

Great episode today with Mark Provencher. Mark retired after 22 years as a Marine. He is also a Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran. Very passionate veteran advocate and currently works for the Wisconsin Dept of Veteran Affairs- Veteran Outreach and Recovery Program. Mark shared his story today. Highs and lows that he has...

Jul 5, 2021

Tech For Troops President/ Executive Director Mark Casper came on the podcast. We spoke about his service in the Marines as a “Hawk” missile operator, veteran homelessness, The Matrix, transitioning, and Technology.

Phenomenal podcast about how they are getting computers to veterans with an emphasis on rural...