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Fragout Podcast

Mar 26, 2023

Justin McDougle- Army/ Afghanistan Veteran, Co-Owner of Battle Brothers Tactical, LLC. Justin came on the podcast today we talked about his service, his company, transition, gun rights and training, current events, etc. Very casual and organic. Justin also was an over the road trucker that drive 1.8-2 million miles all...

Mar 18, 2023

My new friend Tom Farley and I had a great 2+ hour conversation about substance abuse, veterans, Chris Farley, his book, etc. Tom is the older brother of Chris Farley.
Tom shared a lot about his own struggles, sobriety, and recovery. He’s a proud Substance Abuse advocate and works for a great org helping...

Mar 12, 2023

Joe Scott- Owner of Alpha Dog Nutrition and waterfowl enthusiast. Joe came on the show and we talked about his humble beginnings, college, business, and hunting. Joe is also my neighbor! We had a lot of fun and share some great stories.  #disruptiveimpact #WisconsinVeteran

Mar 6, 2023

James Long- Former Captain, Afghanistan/ Army Veteran. West Point Graduate and 1 of 10 siblings, 9 of 10 joined the military. James and his wife Destiny own both Bad Batch CrossFit and Fox Valley Meal Prep. 2.5 hour podcast we talked about James’s childhood, Process into West Point, his 2 deployments to Afghanistan,...