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Fragout Podcast

Aug 28, 2022

Very Passionate podcast with Sam Rogers of Concerned Veterans for America - Wisconsin. We talked about politics and policies that hurt our country and veterans but they don’t hold anyone accountable. Probably one of the most political episodes but still has a lot of important information.

Aug 21, 2022

We sat down with Tyler and Ryan from Extreme Customs and the Wheels For Warriors program and we tried to call 5 veterans, unfortunately we only got ahold of 2 on the phone but we went a surprised a local veteran at his job. 

Aug 14, 2022

Jon Schnabl co-owner/founder of Lake Geneva Party Bus Company. He has lived in 13 countries, owned 4 houses, divorced, remarried, 3 prior business, lost it all in 2015, lived in a van 2016 for months. Built a massive empire now, and currently writing a book. We talked about so much more!! Very fun and entertaining podcast.

Aug 7, 2022

Brian Sikma- Afghanistan War Veteran and still actively serving in the Wisconsin Army Guard as a Company XO soon to be Company commander. Brian shared his unconventional path into the Army and what was the genesis of his enlistment and his time at State Officer Candidate school. Brian and I also talked about the...