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Fragout Podcast

Oct 25, 2020

Kyle spend the last 6 months as a nurse fighting COVID on the front lines and developed his own opinion and experiences. He has worked 1800 hours. 

Kyle shares his stories and the behind the scenes of the hospitals that the news media didn't report on. He shares the difficult parts of watching so much death...

Oct 18, 2020

Jay Blancas- Marine Veteran- 2x Afganistan veteran-MMA fighter and Veteran Advocate through Veteran with A sign Instagram page. Jay shares the page with his fellow veteran friend. You may have seen some of their signs and posts all over social media. They influence change, humor, and thought provoking ideas with...

Oct 12, 2020

Skylar Sommers was on the podcast to talk about his life long passion of bow hunting public land and harvesting trophy bucks from his dedication. 

We also talked about his time in the Marines and his path into Scout Snipers and the lasting positive influence it has had on his life. 

Skylar is very passionate about Bow...

Oct 5, 2020

My friend Candice was on the podcast to share her story about moving, postpartum, weight loss and being a parent during COVID and her slight addiction with Tik Tok. 

Candice is one of my favorite people I have become friends with. She opens up about parts of her life that was very candid and humbling. 

We all have a...

Oct 2, 2020

Eric Wimberger is running for Wisconsin State Senate for the 30th District. 

Eric came on the podcast to share his amazing military law experience and how he is using it to improve his community running for State Senator. 

We shared some laughs and some candid stories together.