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Fragout Podcast

Apr 26, 2021

Paul Flanagan- Army National Guard Veteran, OIF Veteran, deployed to Kuwait and station on a Kuwaiti Naval Base. Owner of Fire Fitness Howard, WI. Paul works for Pierce Manufacturing and was there when 9/11 happened and they donated 2 fire trucks to the FDNY. Paul has a great story and awesome sense humor. 

Apr 19, 2021

Nick Browne- Marine Corps Veteran

Iraq 2004-2005- Golf Company 2nd BN 24th Marines from Madison, WI. Shared his story and we discussed life, kids, veteran community, and so much more.

Apr 11, 2021

Dan Luenzmann Co-Owner of Original Gun Oil and Afghanistan Veteran was on the podcast today! Great guy and awesome fellow entrepreneur who is doing amazing things. Their gun oil is legit ´┐╝and made in the USA! 

Dan talks about his time in Afghanistan and doing PSD work and other missions. We talk about his amazing...

Apr 9, 2021

The founder/Owner of Mission Wisconsin Steve Janke came back to talk about Mission Wisconsin and how he works with companies around Wisconsin.

We are excited to partner with Mission Wisconsin to share valuable information to companies, veterans, service members, and their families. 


Apr 4, 2021

Former Delta Medic Dan Briggs was on the Podcast. Dan's Career is very vast and intense, much of which was not discussed but what he did share was his insight to different parts of his life, military career, and deployments. 

Dan is also a Distinguished Service Cross Recipient the of which we talk about on this...