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Fragout Podcast

Jul 26, 2020

UFC Fighter Sam Alvey was on the podcast talking about his upbringing in Waterford, WI and how he got into the UFC. 

Sam gave us an in-depth look into life as a fighter and the tremendous amount of hard work that goes into being a fighter. Sam is a proud father of 5 children. 

Sam's story is a testament that no matter...

Jul 20, 2020

Tom Satterly grew up with humble beginnings in rural Indiana. 

As a Green Beret in language school Tom was approached to try out for the US Military's most elite Special Operations unit, Delta Force. He made it through the toughest selection process in the military and spent the next 20 years in Delta.

‚ÄčTom was...

Jul 12, 2020

My friend Rob Pincus was on the podcast. We talked about his humble beginnings and how he go to where he is now. He has over 30+ years within the firearms community and he proudly shares his story, thoughts, opinions and ideals. 

We touched on so much more about training, concealed carry, military, politics, etc. Rob is...

Jul 6, 2020

Adam Holton was on the podcast to discus is book he is writing. The book is called Why They Served. It is about the Marines that served under his command while in Iraq. 

Adam is a Wisconsin Native and talks candidly about how coaching is his passion and relates to being a leader in the military. 

We also talk about his...