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Fragout Podcast

May 25, 2020

K.P. Baneck was on the podcast talking about her amazing career in the Army Guard and her vast amount of experience. 

She was apart of the first female Special Forces Selection and Assessment and was then selected to serve on an ODA in Afghanistan. 

She also became a drill sergeant within in a year of returning from her...

May 18, 2020

Derrick Van Orden was on the podcast to discuss his campaign for congress for the 3rd Congressional District of the state of Wisconsin. 

Derrick spend 26 years in the Navy, 21 as a Navy SEAL. We talked his experiences and his book and the movie Act Of Valor. 

This was a great episode and an honor to have Derrick share...

May 11, 2020

My Drill Sergeant from Infantry School was on my podcast. 

Michael Fletcher 2 time Iraq Veteran and 1 Tour Afghanistan Veteran. Mike and I caught up after 14 years and share our experiences and talked about his methodologies for mentoring and life skills. He blended military life into everyday life and I have taken all...

May 4, 2020

Jesse Cuff County Veteran Service Officer and Afghanistan Veteran was on the podcast. We talked about everything under the sun. We dove into why he enlisted in the Army. We talked about his deployment and his mission. We talked about leadership.  

Stolen Valor stories were shared. I shared my experience with stolen...