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Fragout Podcast

Feb 10, 2020

My friend and fellow Veteran Ella Hayat was on the Podcast. 

Ella's story is one that deserves more time to share and I was so honored and humbled to share part of her story on my podcast. 

Ella served her county of Israel for a few years and she has seen so many things in her life. Service is mandatory for all Israeli citizens. Ellas story opens our hearts and it forces us to focus on how lucky we are in America. Ella and I talked about the differences between volunteer service and mandatory service. We talked about the vast differences how Israel and the U.S. treats their veterans.  Ella shared her experiences of discrimination and racism while transitioning to America. 

I wanted to showcase the similarities all veterans share regardless of what country we are from. Ella and I both share an enormous amount of patriotism. 

This is the most powerful episode I have done yet. I hope you all enjoy this episode!